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Composition 01

Together with Jitse Tilman & Martijn de Heer we started the Symbiotic Spark identity and just finished its first show named Composition01. Symbiotic Spark is working on new ways of storytelling and entertainment by create unique experiences where information is being presented by visual and aural stimulation. Our goal is to show people the possibilities that medical technological development and science offers us and to create awareness of the responsibilities that come with.

The first 60 min. show we worked on music, interaction, projections and visuals to present the question:
"How far do we allow ourselves to go, when improving our DNA?".


Generative visuals

We create our own interactive tools and make sound-reactive visuals from data.

Crowdfunding Rewards
The rewards for the crowdfunding campaign included multiple different media, posters, video, websites, publication, 3d scans and artwork

Sound reactive visuals
A big selection of visuals for the show were generated by music and sounds for Composition 01.

Rafael Henneberke
Visual designer

+316 276 259 78

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