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The Council for Culture is the legal adviser of the government in the fields of art, culture and media and invited students of Graphic Design, Fine Arts and Photography to create a design for one of their meeting rooms, the so-called ‘Blue Room’.

The jury was composed of employees of the council, namely Caspar Laffrée and Rene van Geffen, and an external expert, artist Michael Berkhemer.

In this pitch the sound-interactive installation was chosen from a group of 15 artists and designers. The goal was to create an artwork for the discussion and meeting space in the Council for Culture. The so called Blue Room functions as an office and meeting space, where decisions and discussions take place.
For one year long the installation was installed that reacted on the sound by the people in the room. The sound created by discussions in the room influences a projection of thin animated white lines on the wall gradually forming various types of cinematographic, design or other related grids referring to the focus of the Council for Culture which includes choices, structures, anticipations, devisions, methods, trends, recommendations...

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The specification of the grid can be adapted according to the different occasions - meetings, events and presentations. This installation was made in Processing connected to a Raspberry Pi.

Together with the people in the Council of Culture I asked for a collaboration with them and their wishes. This would be specific changes in events for the room or a generated notebook where the notes itself could be divided and differently structured.

Rafael Henneberke
Visual designer

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